Maihada Hadajun Skin Cleansing Cream Fragrance Free 120G

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With charcoal and white clay formulation firmly adsorbs sebum and darkening, it deletes while calming the old keratin which became hardened, along with leads to the skin with bright and translucent feel that does not matter to pores. Moreover, in order to defend the dampness of the skin which is easy to be deprived by facial cleansing, six kinds of carefully selected moisturizing ingredients including rice bran oil and soybean fermentation are combined in luxuriously, therefore it moisturizes smoothly. How to use: Approximately 2 cm is appropriate amount. After wetting the palm and facial skin, get it in the palm, lather well with a tiny amount of water or maybe lukewarm water, wash the skin so as to soak the skin with bubbles. And then, rinse thoroughly.

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