Phil Naturnt Deep Oil Cleansing Gel 130G

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Can make up and lifts up makeup and sunscreen that are hard to remove. It is gel, it blends well with soil without dripping. Re-encapsulation engineering ensures that no oil is still on the skin surface after washing. Once it is applied to the skin, the engine oil capsule breaks as well as the engine oil takes in dirt. When flushing, touch the water once more to encapsulate it once again, leaving it clean without leaving any grime on the skin. An oil cleansing gel that combines ease of oil removal and mild gel. It rapidly adapts to challenging makeup and sunscreen, removes grime from the rear of pores, and also provides it with a soft and transparent skin. Absolutely no fragrance, no coloring, paraben free, alcoholic beverages (ethyl alcohol) free. How to use: Weigh the quantity of cherries in the palm of your hand without getting your hands and face wet, and lightly blend in with makeup cosmetics like a foundation. And then, rinse thoroughly with water or lukewarm water. If it does not fit your skin, stop using.

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