Sweets Sweets Shiny Dolce Shadow 6 Types

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4-color eye shadow like soft brownies with natural cream. Finish with stylish gloss feeling with wonderful particle pearl formulation. Combines skin-friendly attractiveness components (honey, apple extract, orange juice extract (moisturizing ingredient)) luxuriously. The skin care outcome will last when you cause it to be. With mirror. Absolutely no scent. How you can use: From the lower left, cream base. Upper left, highlight color. The upper right, the primary color. Lower right, line color. Allow it to be so that the product base at the bottom part left is positioned with your fingertips throughout the eye hole. Fluffy in top of the left highlight color with a big tip and put it under the eyebrows. Blur the primary color of top of the right out of the eye's wrinkle to the eye gap with a big chip. Location the lower right type color in the eye's wrinkle with a small tip. Place the highlight color of top of the left to about 2/3 from the eyes of the eyelids, place the line color of the lower to about 1/3 from the corner of the eyes.

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