Balancing Toner 400Ml

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This particular jumbo sized printer toner is with 400ml as well as a clear mousse foam bottle. Benefits: Infusion of 5 types of Lotus Extract to lessen skin pigmentation. It carefully buffs away the undesirable clutter to improve skin texture. Edelweiss Extract helps enhance skin moisture keeping ability and shields skin from external aggressors. How you can use: As Water Type 1. Saturate a cotton pad and swipe acorss the entire face for instant hydration and soothing benefit. 2. Finish with serum and moisturiser. As Bubble Type 1. Put a proper amount of the information into the clear out mousse foam bottle. 2. After cleansing, pump to release a proper amount of the product onto a cotton pad. 3. Gently clean across your face to cleanse residue. 4. Pump 1-2 times onto your hand and apply to the face for intensive moisturise. 5. Finish with fundamental skincare regime. As Skin Pack 1. Saturate numerous pieces of cotton pad and apply to the places where hydration needed. 2. Leave for 10-15 minutes. Then discard the spots.

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