Ora2 Premium Cleansing Toothpaste 17G Premium Mint

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Focused whitening teeth once a week. Clear deep cleansing up to stubborn discoloration (colored dirt) and odor. Ora2 the highest concentration of stain removal component (cleaning agent) formulated in toast. Prevent the deposition of tartar taking tooth whitening teeth. Deep cleansing by intensively falling stubborn stain and also tooth soil that is tough to drop with regular toothpaste. Premium mint flavor consisting of freshness. More white as well as shiny teeth brush teeth. Reward proper care when a week. Mild, easy-to-polish mild use. With all the stain management component, control adhesion of the stain, keep the initial whiteness of the teeth. How to use: Apply an appropriate quantity (pearl feed size) into the toothbrush, polish it so that it typically toothbrush, then wash with water. Particularly for discoloration (colored dirt), you can utilize it for a partial polish. This system is a toothpaste with good cleansing outcome to eliminate stain of teeth. Suggest utilizing around when a week.

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