Mens Foot Deodorant & Antibacterial Powder 49G Tea Tree

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Tey letting feet be like wearing a layer of invisible powdered socks. If you use no socks, you can keep your feet dry, comfortable and fragrant. Using cosmetics powder technology to make the powder great fine, invisible. Revolutionary use of make-up powder technology to make powder 2.8 times more comprehensive than regular body powder. invisible and Invisible, as well as the sum is more hard to condense into pieces. The key of ankle fragrance comes from effective antibacterial, deodorizing. Exclusive Japanese DEO PANCIL fruit polyphenol deodorant as well as IPMP antibacterial ingredients. Effectively decomposes the foot odor and does not blend the scent, keeping the feet aromatic as well as smellless. Utilize place corn starch to absorb sweat and also dry out without additional talcum powder. Utilize high-cost pharmaceutical grade cornstarch to help you soak up foot juice and keep feet dry. No dumb formate preservative paraben. No drug-containing antiperspirant Aluminum Chlorohydrate. Try keeping feet dry looking and also improve your odor and aroma. How to use: Put the total amount in the shoe and spread it evenly. The quantity of one capsule per use (can be being used based on the level of increase or decrease). May be used with puff type powder bottle. May be utilized directly or even before wearing socks.

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