Outclear Care Wash Liquid Type 150Ml

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Outclear, acid liquid cleanser for personal area. Outclear washes skin of personal area carefully, but firmly. Containing anti-inflammatory ingredients, and also it detoxifies feminine personal location in a gentle way. This is a liquid cleaning liquid for the delicate zone. Very easy to work with pump-type bottle. Because it is a liquid type, it seems rejuvenating. Notice odor with lady floral fragrance. Weakly sour (ph4.5 0.5) no color, paraben free. Suggested for those that are searching for a mild, mild as well as everyday girly cleanser. are searching for a girly cleanser suitable for a very sensitive skin. How to use: Take an appropriate quantity in the palm of your hand, lather well, wash carefully. Then rinse thoroughly with water that is warm.

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