Care Cera High Moisture Bubble Body Wash Refill 350Ml 3 Types

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Focus on the barrier function to safeguard the dampness of your skin. Ceramide whip will keep skin moisturizing and washing it up to keep skin that is dry simple and normalize dried up skin. Moisturizing ingredients of commitment. Natural multicarbamide (7 types of ceramide), cholesterol, fatty acid, 3 botanical extracts. Next model cleaning technology to safeguard the fluid and wash it. Adopting next-generation cleaning technology discerning cleaning technological innovation that can selectively clean just grime as well as lipid that you would like to eliminate while making the necessary moisture for your skin. Wash with a lot of foam as well as hands. Weakly sour, hypoallergenic, paraben free. How to use: Take an appropriate quantity in the palm of your hand, carefully wash, then rinse.

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