D Program Whitening Clear Lotion Refill 125Ml

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In order to prevent stains as well as freckles which darken the feeling of the whole face, and also in order to stop acne as well as skin blemish that is likely to be reddish. It is filled with moisture and results in a fresh, bright and transparent skin as if it had been reborn. By providing water and also always keeping skin in good health, it supports skin resurgence. Carefully selected ingredients, fresh process. Paraben (preservative) free, alcoholic beverages (ethyl alcohol) gratis. Absolutely no scent, no color, vulnerable acidity. Poor stimulation layout. How you can use: After cleaning, take 2 minutes to press the dispenser in the palm of your hand and gently apply to the whole face. Particularly when used for delicate portions, keep skin lamp with all the palm of your hand so that it does not rub your skin strong.

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