Saborino Premium Morning Mask 28 Pcs 2 Types

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Skin care from face wash in 60 seconds. A morning sheet mask that could be used without having to clean your pure skin. Introducing the Morning Premium, that is a wealthy milk moisturizing type Premium, that is a magnificent information, with even greater moisture retention. Moisturizing power of Saborino Series No.1. Moisturizing skin with a sheet conceal with a lot of milk emulsion. Even the next day whenever you wish to sleep, it's not hard to clean up as well as moisturize to make your skin look great. How to use: Open the lid and pull up with the edge of the mask. Place the mask on the facial skin while spreading it, and fit it while stretching out it remaining and correctly. Get rid of the mask after 60 seconds as well as finish. After implementing it, you can apply cosmetics as it is. Pack Size - 28 pcs

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