U Lotion 180Ml

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Dense h2o jelly dissolves freshly at the moment of touching the skin, penetrating quickly. After applying it to your skin, you will realize an additional feeling of suppleness thanks to a long lasting 5 secs press which will keep the whole face for 5 seconds with your hands. Take note of the path of water throughout your skin and also get Key Pin Booster. By being full of moisture up to all stratum corneum, it results in natural skin like brightly driving away from the inside. It's like water vaseline. Distinctive high-humidity ingredient, thick water jelly formulation. Based upon the scientific knowledge which skin that is gorgeous is often drawn out in the water atmosphere, the moisturizing ingredient that Orbis has gone through comprehensive research for over 30 years, following the strength of water is Dense Water Jelly. Although it is an aqueous component, the rich and rich feeling is as if vaseline. Deliver lots of moisture on the rear of your skin.

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