Mapepe Tsubaki Comb 1 Pc

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Since the camellia engine oil is soaked in the brush of the boxwood, it gives the hair a natural and gentle gloss. The counter is meticulously prepared so that the hair is quite smooth. A brush that is smooth and gentle on the hair. Natural wood and camellia oil prevent static electricity and prevent split ends and cuts as a result of combing. Compact and handy to carry. How you can use: For regular combing. Combing must be performed with reasonable force so that the hair and scalp are not burdened. Use of a blow dryer or perhaps styling agent, or water that is hot (over 80). Do not wash with water as it may cause swelling and damage if it contains moisture. If it becomes dirty, wipe it off with a dried up cloth. The dirt between the teeth of the brush. Bundle cotton thread and wipe it off. Remember that if you leave the comb in immediate exposure to the comb, it might create dripping oil.

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