Olive Emollient Lotion 150Ml

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DHC began from Natural once again, pursuing gentleness to skin as well as certain effect thoroughly. A skin care item that may be believed to function as the culmination of natural skin care was born. DHC olive emollient lotion is often a lotion that easily adjusts the age skin which elasticity is about plump. Incorporate olive leaves and fruit extract at concentration that is heavy , maintain moisturizing skin by keeping moisture deep into the stratum corneum with W power of leaves and fruits. In addition, hyaluronic acid and collagen essential for natural skin are mixed with fermented ready placenta extract supporting youthfulness. Delivering a variety of beauty pieces completely on the stratum corneum, the skin surface is cozy feeling without stickiness while becoming dusty. With an all natural prescribed which considers the wellness of empty skin, it approaches skin that you would like to get back the shiny suppleness. Absolutely no scent, coloring, paraben free, natural ingredients combination. How to use: Take an appropriate quantity (500 yen coin size) in cotton or maybe palm and place it carefully on the entire face. For all those that wish to really feel much more about the functions of olives, suggest using the sequence.

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