Biore Makeup Remover Water 320Ml

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Natural make-up that wishes to cherish your skin. Makeup remover carefully turns off to the dead skin, you will get a bare skin. With lots of moisturizing ingredients, you can clean carefully on your skin. Simply by stroking, neither fanned nor old epidermis at the rear of the pores is refreshing. Skin-friendly prescription. It may be used before early morning skin care (lotion, milky product etc.) Oil free and alcohol free. Flavor-free, color-free. Vulnerable acidity. Water proof mascara will not drop. If you are using waterproof mascara, we suggest Biore Makeup Cleansing Only Cotton Moisture Rich or maybe Biore Cleaning Liquid. How to use: Whenever you drop cosmetics at night: After such as ideal amount (about 3 to 4 push of pump) in satin, clean off the makeup gently. If the cotton becomes dirty, replace with brand new cotton as well as do this until cosmetics does not work. After wiping, there is simply no requirement to rinse. How you can fall eye makeup well: Close your eyes, use cotton to your eyelids and eyelashes for 5 to 6 seconds, generate water, and clean carefully across the eyelashes. In the morning when making use of it before skin care products (lotion, milky product, etc). Include an appropriate quantity (about 3 to 4 push) in cotton, and then gently clean off extra sebum and dead skin. It is useful to clean off the part of stickiness again.

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