Lash Up Mascara Lm01

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Mascara that extends cleanly while caring for eyelashes. Eyelash serum liquid ingredient as well as skinny fiber mix attain a beautiful stretch on the hair tip. Although it is a hot water fall type, curling up and upward will continue. Skinny fiber mix combination. Contains long and short fibers that are not hard to link. Fits strongly to the eyelashes and stretches it. The surface appears as if your individual eyelashes have developed. Repair water effect. Repairs eyelashes harmed by serum compounds. Wraps the eyelashes while wearing, leading to Harikoshi eyelashes. Quick drying curl up & hold prescribed. Curls up quickly while extending the eyelashes. Retains the eyelashes curled with a hold prescribed. Easy off with water that is hot from. A slim brush which moves into the hairline and can be lifted from the starting. Catch nicely to the corners of the eyes minimizing eyelashes. Contains chamilet flower extract, hydroxypropyl chitosan, isostearoyl hydrolyzed collagen AMPD (moisturizing).

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