The Time R Aqua Oil 100Ml

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An oily serum for the entire body that replenishes the body with lots of water and moisturizes fresh and firm. Ipsa's unique aqua oil engineering is adopted. Combines the moisturizing ingredients Aqua Presenter-ll and Vegetable Oil Complex GL to produce an artificial water layer which retains moisturizing substances on the skin surface, providing water and spewing out based on the dryness. It does not have a complete body hydration effect. For a surprisingly fresh feel and comfortable, plump skin like water. No alcohol added. How you can use: For fundamental use, bring an appropriate quantity in the palm of your hand and apply to the entire body. It may be utilized for body, hair, hands, nails, face, etc. For body, implement an appropriate amount to skin that is clean after bathing and apply it with the entire body like a massage on skin with a bit of moisture around. For hair, after cleaning the hair, apply it with the semi-dry locks, after which dry it with a blow dryer. May be used on hair that is dried out.

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