Gatsby Shaving Gel 2 Types

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The shave of a man is easily shaved, and skin that is basic after getting shaved is avoided. Small design casual perception simple to deal with by hand. refreshing and Comfortable aroma citrus scent. Gatsby Shaving Gel - Cool-Type: Shaving gel which firms skin after shaving refreshingly. Gatsby Shaving Gel - Moist-Type: Shaving gel that contains hyaluronic acid to avoid drying and skin that is basic after shaving. How to use: Take an appropriate quantity (about 1 cup of spoon), take off well on your skin and shave it. When you put on for a while, the beard becomes softer, it gets very easy to shave. Wash away after shaving. Whenever the contents end up less, you can utilize it without waste until the end by rotating the cap and taking away it. Razors will be washed quickly when you shake them in water that had been utilized for wash basins, etc. Pack Size - 205g

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