Visee Crayon Eye Color 6 Types

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Draw effortlessly, close contact. It is a crayon eye color which creates impressive eyes with thick color with a gloss. Could be utilized as a watch color or as a watch line. Richly combined silicone oil. It is smooth, sleek as well as smooth, without stickiness. Accommodate make ingredient combination. It has excessive adhesion to the skin, and robust color lasts for a long time without becoming disturbed. It is a core that could be used without cutting. Fresh gold formulated. Creates an all natural 3D impact. It is a waterproof type that is reluctant to sweat, water as well as rips. It is unscented. How you can use: With the core coming out about 5 mm, draw along the eyelids or maybe eye line and also blur it with your finger towards the eyehole. Do not put out the core or even give a good influence. After use, firm up the cap correctly.

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