Super Collagen Milk 80Ml

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It is an emulsion with DHC's initial ingredient [DHC great collagen (dipeptide-8)] sticking to skin absorption as well as substantial purity. In order to [DHC great collagen (dipeptide-8)] of high concentration which exerts superb moisturizing energy by penetrating into the stratum corneum with penetrating power surpassing collagen so far, [vitamin C derivative] and [Maitake fruit frame extract], [Squalane] additionally. Acquainted with familiar comfy consistency as well as fresh feeling of use, wrapping the epidermis carefully, it fills moisture, plumps softly, it leads to skin that is soft. Absolutely no scent, coloring, paraben free natural ingredient combination. How to use: Take an appropriate quantity (2 to 3 push minutes) in your hand and allow it to fit the entire face. For all those that wish to really feel much more about the function of [DHC great collagen (dipeptide-8)], suggest using the sequence. Usage Sequence: Toner > Super Collagen and also Super Collagen Supreme > Super Collagen Milk > Super Collagen Cream

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