Aqualabel Reset White Mask 1 Pc 1 Pc

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Wear whitening active ingredients on your skin, intensive care for broken skin exposed to UV rays. Try giving lots of moisture on the skin consisting primarily of transparency and radiance. A pleasant medicated skin whitening mask for every use. Lightening active ingredient m-tranexamic acid, W hyaluronic acid ingredients. (Moisturizing) Na acetyl hyaluronate, m of hyaluronic acid Na m-tranexamic acid represents the result of suppressing the formation of melanin. Whitening cosmetics control the formation of melanin and stop spots and freckles. How you can make use of: After cleansing, apply after conditioning skin with lotion. Extract the mask out of the bag, spread the eyes as well as mouth with part of temple, adjust it by cutting part, make close communication with the entire face so that absolutely no atmosphere enters. After that, paste the S-shaped incision that joined the facial skin type so that it elevates. The eye folding back with the eyes could be overlapped as well as folded again, or cut as well as pasted on a different portion (nostrils, eyes, jaws etc). After about 5 minutes, peel off the mask and allow the liquid staying on skin blend. Adjust the time based on your preference (about 5 minutes to 10 minutes). Pick milky lotion and cream afterwards.

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