Soapberry Body Wash With Hyaluronic Acid 480Ml

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PH value of the aqueous practically closer to human skin. mild nature as well as Meticulous bubble. Especially suitable for skin that is very sensitive and eczema. Natural anti-fungal, effective odor removal. Natural smell help you rest easily. Effective way to help alleviate the tension of citified living. Powerful moisturizing hyaluronic acid, successfully relieve dry itchy. Natural organic, difficult blocking the skin pores. Clean without drying. Mild nature does not stimulate. Natural saponin, foam and careful, with emulsifying purpose, whitening gentle cleansing, improving sensitive dry skin. Hyaluronic acid with good moisturizing power, in a position to firmly lock the epidermis moisture, lubrication and keep healthy skin soft. Main Ingredients: Water that is pure, Coconut oil, Sapindus fruit crucial, Coconut oil, Plant amino acid, Hyaluronic acid as well as Catechins.

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