Pure 5 Essence Mask 20 Pcs 2 Types

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Medicated It is a medicated mask with a lot of therapeutic essence. It prevents spots, freckles and acne as a result of sunburn. Use it to care for producing fresh skin with a sense of transparency. Whitening active ingredient: Whitening attractiveness essence with water soluble placenta extract permeates to the corners of your skin (stratum corneum) and results in whiteness with transparency and moisture. Cohesive feeling like. Soft cotton thick fluffy use. Non-colored, without mineral oil, paraben free. W Collagen A sheet with fibers made from collagen has got the property of becoming very gentle when it comes into contact with water, following skin in a stiffness, it feels not used. In the serum with a lot of collagen sheet, collagen of 3 sizes that permeates the stratum corneum and also moisturizes as well as combines three sizes is compounded. Absolutely no scent, coloring, mineral oil, paraben free. How you can use: After facial cleansing, place the mask on your skin. Adjust so that the folded portion does not go into the eyes. If you care on the eyelids, make sure to close your eyes. After a masking time of 10-15 minutes, follow skincare regime.

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