Ac Solution Acne Clear Spot Patch 60Pcs 60 Pcs

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An invisible, hydrocolloid area patch that heals and also shields bad acne while absorbing secretion without the need of swallowing it with hands.G9SKIN AC Solution Acne Clear Spot Patch is an invisible and intensive spot treatment which shields as well as heals without swallowing with hands. The 0.2mm heavy hydrocolloid patch can help acquire pus with fast scar and skin difficulty rehabilitation. Simply no need to press, use as well as eliminate the spot to easily get ride of epidermis difficulty ooze. Powderful adherence as well as waterproof patch. How to use: 1. After cleansing, toning the troubled place as well as wait till it dries. 2. Separate the spot out of the movie across the cut line and apply the patch on desired area. 3. Press the spot with palm for 2-3 seconds. 4. After the center of spot gets white as the pus extracted, remove the patch.

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