Gum Mouth Sterilization Spray 15Ml

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Active ingredient CPC efficiently sterilizes as well as disinfects mouth and throat causative bacteria. It eliminates halitosis and suppresses throat roughness, soreness, and relief because of throat inflammation. Very easy to have with the palm sizing, hygiene may be taken immediately even on the go. Spit out is unnecessary. 1 pc 15ml, may be pressed about 160 times. It is a refreshing herb mint flavor. Because it is a colorless transparent fluid, you can utilize it without worrying about dirty face as well as hands. Dose: Adults (15 years as well as older): 4 injections / 4 to 6 times one day 5 to 14 years old: 3 injections / 4 to 6 times one day Directly apply to the jaws. How to use: Remove the cap. Open the mouth and start the jaws, bring the container closer to the mouth almost as they can, inhale lightly (as the medication might go into the bronchus as well as lungs) push the head as well as spray it into the oral cavity. When you are utilizing for at first chance, press the push a few times until the medication is released. If the heat is very low, fluid could be difficult to come out. If so, warm it together with the palm, then use. Stay firmly shut after use.

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