Maihada Hadajun Skin Cleansing Cream 120G

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Moisturizing veil prescription adopted. Moisturizing component: rice bran oil, glycerin combination. With a creamy type that is friendly to the skin, nonetheless, you generate a makeup securely drop. Since dampness of skin isn't dropped, easy after the make-off. Arrange each one of the texture as well as manual it to a brilliant skin with suppleness. It is moisturizing cleansing product with good moisturizing power. After cleansing moisturizing ingredients derived from rice bran, it forms a moisturized veil. Makes it moist and supple skin. Capsules of dampness veils will burst, acquainted with makeup and dirt. It envelops with soil floating, without burdening skin without rubbing. Securely take away the makeup. It is a cream variety with good cushioning properties. It makes moist and supple skin. light and Smooth touching and acquainted with cosmetics. It is a feeling of use without stickiness. Wiping, washout. No fragrance / no coloring. How to use: Cherry feed is about the proper amount. Pick up in the palm, chin, cheeks, nose, and place on 5 locations. Allow it to be informed about cosmetics charge such as foundation, and so on with fingertip. Wipe carefully with tissue paper carefully so as never to rub the skin clearly, or maybe rinse with water or lukewarm water. After cleansing, use facial cleanser.

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