Scalp Essence Rose 100Ml

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It is Scalp Essence that includes 23 kinds of Japanese, chinese and Western vegetation moisturizing extracts, like juices squeezed from high quality raw aloe vera mesophyll. It provides moisture and convenience to the skin, suppresses dandruff and kayumi, and also prepares a proper head atmosphere. Combined with pepper extract as well as menthol, it changes from unique to warm up, more comfortable to work with. How to use: Spray straight onto a thoroughly clean scalp and let it soak into the soil. The solution features natural extract and has no problem with quality. Feel free to use it after wiping off moisture completely after washing the hair twice or perhaps so twice in the morning as well as evening. Feel free to put an appropriate quantity on the head, please allow me to merge perfectly with the belly of the finger. It is useful to make it examine from the hairline to the pinnacle of the head so that the entire head is moved with the belly of the finger. It is more efficient if you utilize it constantly every morning as well as evening.

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