Mens Biore Foam Facial Wash Refill 3 Types Moist

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Hydrated Men's cleanser starring skin. Cannot go to durable stamina foam, the chronic sebum grime of a man is refreshing. Moisture keeping prescription, dampness of skin that is critical protecting skin laundering moist. You can shave it all at the same time. Skin that is clean preventing acne. Not difficult mild citrus scent. Petroleum Clear Oil well-defined prescription. Often gluey sebum will be dropped cleanly. Refreshingly, you can get it done at when until shaving. Thoroughly clean your skin preventing acne. Menthol (cool and refreshing ingredient) combination. The refreshing fragrance of citrus fresh. Acne Care Facial cleanser of a skin care idea that may emerge with fine bubbles, wash carefully, can also prevent acne. A couple of rice cakes with hands cannot be earned with 1 push. Bubbles become filthy and float up, even if it does not scrub clearly with hands, it carefully cleanses it. Bactericidal anti-inflammatory ingredients. Sterilize pimples bacteria, control swelling of the skin, stop bad acne securely. Menthol without alcoholic beverages blending. Fragrance of citrus herbs The best way to use: Whenever you press the pump, it will come out as bubbles. Wet face lightly, get the correct amount (about 2 pump press) and allow it to fit. If you shave the beard, shave it as it is. After which shed it effectively. Pack Size - 130ml

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