Maquillage Snow Beauty Whitening Face Powder Limited Edtion 1 Pc

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To skin that is pure, delicate and transparent like ice. Therapeutic whitening natural skin care powder. 24 hours one day for make-up during the day as well as 24 hours for skin care at night. Includes whitening active ingredient m-tranexamic acid to control the formation of melanin and stop spots and freckles. Includes two puffs for fun and empty skin care. How to use: Morning: After making skin with lotion, milky lotion, makeup base, or perhaps after foundation. Take powder like inhaling a circle and mixture it into your skin. Night: After using lotion, milky lotion, cream, etc. well. Take the powder in a circle and put it carefully on both cheeks, forehead, and chin, and also apply towards the skin.

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