Co2 Gel Pack Set 21 Pcs

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15 minutes intensive care with peeled carbonated bunch. Foaming continuous by original gel manufacturing method, and also will keep moisture as well as attractiveness ingredients securely on the skin. Containing beauty substances including placenta extract, collagen, hyaluronic acid luxuriously. Moreover, brightening extract stops spots and freckles triggered by sunburn and results in a lustrous skin. How to use: Agent 1 and agent 2, open the bag of CO2 gel package out of the cut, and squeeze the gel to cup. Mix properly, making use of a spatula, blend the gel firmly and strongly for 30 seconds as a guidebook. Carbon dioxide gas is produced, it bulges about 5 times, and it develops into fine bubbles. Implement within 5 minutes as a guidebook, avoid the eyes as well as mouth with a spatula or maybe fingertip, spread it to also thickness across the face. Effective lasting over 15 minutes, leave it for about 15 minutes. Because it solidifies to gel uniformly, do not touch the pack a lot of after application. There is no requirement to rinse, switch the edge of the bunch and peel it gradually. Eliminate a few components for example thinly painted portions because they might stay. Done, after packing, prepare your skin with consistent hygiene. CO2 Gel Pack x 20 Cup & Spatula x 1 Pack Size - 21 pcs

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