Medicated Clear Balance Extra Lotion 270Ml

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It really works on old horny skin such as residual melanin, nurtures bright and clear skin, and also results in clean skin. Moisture penetrates till every corner of the skin, and also it rests on a smooth skin without dullness. Make skin feel full of dampness, blends in the following recognizable essences, etc. You can use a lot of the neck as well as body. Active substances glycyrrhizic acid derivative, skin taking away portion (prune extract), horny attention ingredient (AHA). 10 types of organic extract formulation. Lavender, Hamamelis, Maronier, Altair, Arnica, Otogirisou, Seiyou Kizuta, Grape leaf, Parsley, Holland mustard. Two kinds of dampness compounds formulated. Part produced from seaweed (seaweed), glucoside (sugar) derivative. Vulnerable acidity. How to make use of: Use on cleaning skin after cleansing. Take the correct quantity in satin, apply as a wiping.

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