Lip Essence Spf 18 Pa++ 11 Types

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Typical / AA / Hello Kitty / Snoopy / Charlie Brown & Snoopy Gives your lips a rich glossy luster while dealing with roughness, dryness and protecting them from UV rays. Lip Essence promotes blood flow required for pink healthy lips. It will keep your lips moisturized with hyper gloss engine oil, while lowering the appearance of vertical lines on lips and also protecting lips with SPF 18 PA ++. It's the idle girl's method to reasonably lips. Strong Moist Lip essence which shields your lips thoroughly with texture that is rich. Completely protect from the shortage of heat and drying by heating. Came out as a brand new product with humidity that is high & lasting in severe dry season. Next, dip with lots of moisturizing ingredients: hyaluronic acid, honey, glycerin. It is abundant in uses, the particles moisturizing products fit perfectly. It will keep moisture securely without skipping water. Hypergloss oil combined. gently and Firmly cover delicate lips. It is a great component that provides a glossy lustrous experience while taking care of your lips with essence. Non-fragrance. Winter UV radiation. It might trigger roughness and drying of the lip area. Lightly wraps delicate lips and also stops roughness and drying from ultraviolet rays. Deep Moist A A heavy gloss essence that treats the lips with severe moisturizing ingredients and focused textures to avoid very bad dryness as well as rips. Great for moisturizing effect and moisturizing longevity, with a thick, gloss-in-the-wall effect, which makes it a glossy, flexible lip. Protects fine lips from UV light. Diagonal cut type which works the contour of the lip. CB Pink Cherry A / CB Pink Cherry B Color small kind with minimal quantity. It is cotton coloring cherry blossom color, increasing the color sensation. Make it right into a plump lip that it is tough to observe the vertical wrinkle. Includes moisture gloss element. Protects delicate lips from ultraviolet rays. Treatment Gentle on the lip area, with therapeutic active ingredients as well as six plant ingredients formulated. A full-fledged countermeasure could be used, a medicated treatment beauty essence. That Glycyrrhetinic acid derivative formula to securely avoid cracking. A glossy finish that makes it lure despite that lips. Additionally, it recognized new use with less friction on that particular lip area. Brought up thoroughly in the non-pesticidal ETse Farm. Including chamomila extract rosemary extract, aloe extract, orange oil, jojoba oil, rose hip engine oil. Six components of vegetation is combined luxuriously. Easy lips will in addition direct Purupuru's baby's lips. Medicated active ingredients improve barrier function. Prevent skin splits as well as splits because of dryness of the lip area. It gives fluids to the lips and results in the plumped lips. To help make the v

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