Aroma Esthetic Scalp Repair Essence Citrus Scent Of Herbs 120Ml

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Dryness of the head that is frequently overlooked. For soft and healthy scalp, moisturizing is recommened. Essence for scalp that contains organic plant ingredients as well as organic extract. Provides moisture as well as nourishment on the head which is likely to drift, and also produces a scalp atmosphere which nurtures beautiful and rich locks. Recommended for people who care for gray hair and all those that wish to maintain the shiny glossy hair. How to make use of: Apply an appropriate quantity (about 10 to 20 pushes) to a towel-dried clean scalp, work with a finger's pillow or maybe scalp brush to rub while using massage. As you reach the head directly, paint the hair firmly. Focus on spots where hair situations easily appear. While aware of lift up, try massaging towards the top of the head and allow it to fit.

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