Age Theory Clarifying Essence 28Ml

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To a beauty life which graces and cleans time. Carefully selected and combined 4 types of brightening ingredients as well as 3 kinds of plant-derived and aging treatment ingredients. Four kinds of brightening ingredients help to moisturize skin with a sense of transparency and feel. Once it is put on your skin. It blends and so that it melts, and three kinds of plant-derived aging treatment ingredients bring out a lively glow. A lovely ample time with regular proper care with a one-time-use ampoule. Private presentation of aluminum pouch with great barrier properties and also defending the contents from moisture and oxidation. Freshness as well as quality are looked after and fresh each day. Delivers beauty components to your skin. Age-Theory Clarifying Essence. As an everyday Night Care that concludes the day, we are particular about the gorgeous scent that can think healing. The beautifully arranged 28 ampules are conscious of the female cycle (= turnover cycle). How you can use: After cleansing your face with cleaning and cleansing skin product as a skin care to end every day. Take just one clarifying essence and gently apply it to your entire face. Aging care ingredients + brightening ingredients + moisturizing ingredients achieve your skin.

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